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    Data Analytics

    Eliminate the guess in mine development through the provision of smart mine planning services and operational support where data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are embedded and central to the mine value chain

    • Predictive data analytics
    • Market research
    • Strategy formulation
    • Policy advisory
    • Decision analysis
    • Project scheduling with Primavera 6
    • Statistical analysis, forecasting & real option analysis
    • Autonomous haulage system implementation strategy
    • Data analytics, data mining in Rapidminer, Python, Orange, R programming & IBM SPSS
    • KPI setting and management dashboard in Power BI & Tableau
    • Semi & quantitative risk analysis
    • Real options identification, uncertainty quantification & value at risk analysis

    Business Intelligence

    We use modern data-oriented technologies  to handle large volumes of data that separate the high-value data from the low-value data.

    Machine Learning & AI

    Experience in-depth knowledge in some of the most powerful technologies such as Python, Rapidminer, SQL, REST APIs.

    Mining Operations Analytics

    Our team to mining experts help you to find opportunities of improvement within the mining operations.

    Statistical Analysis & Research

    Providing valuable insights from the data clusters, but they also help create new methodologies for the engineers to apply.

    Market Research /Analysis

    We work with client to definitely understand the exact behaviour of their their real customers. We eliminate the guess work.

    Data Visualisation

    Unless the decision makers can visualise and make sense of the data, the business may not benefit from it. We work with you to target the most important metrics.

    Real Option Analysis

    We imagine the unimaginable. Differentiating between risk and uncertainty is critical for operational viability in the current volatile business environment. Uncertainty has value that must be unlock by valuing managerial flexibility and creating real live options in your operations.

    Strategy Development

    Our consultants assist in looking beyond the conventional ‘What-if’ but also ask ‘What Could’ happen when developing a Blue Ocean Strategy as we see the world as an ocean of all possibilities.

    Technology & Training

    Nurturing ambition and imparting knowledge is the reason we are in consulting. Apart from solving your technical problem, we will never leave you alone. Our dedicate consults will train, mentor and assist in capacity building of your team.

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